In several areas, protecting vineyards from hail has become fundamental to safeguard plants themselves: damages caused by hail may affect the fruitfulness of plants for one year or even two.Thanks to the anti-hail cover vineyards are protected and vinification is guaranteed without any damages that may affect product quality. The anti-hail net protects, also, the vineyard from damages caused by animals, in particular birds. The SIKURO HAIL VINEYARD can be carried out in all training development rows; so Guyot, Sper cordon, Casarsa. It’s a covering system which can be installed at any time on any row pole. The SIKURO HAIL VINEYARD foresees two bands of anti-hail net, one for each side row, which are disposed all long the row, and must cover and protect the productive zone. The band row covered has a height of 1,00 mt. The net must be placed in tension so that it acts as an elastic surface, and must be able to rebound from the ground when the hail hits the structure. The net, also, is adequately distanced from the productive zone to protect the vineyard.



• ease of installation
• usability
• mechanised harvesting is possible
Typology of covering system layout:
• Anti-hail net in polyethylene 100%, English style weave, 4x7 mm, available in black, grey or crystal
• Method for separating grapes from the net consisting of a swing shelf: it adheres to the post but it does not hinder mechanised operations


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Training method that provides excellent leaf exposure. It consists of a vertical trunk that carries a fruiting cane 8-10 buds long - trained horizontally along the wire - and a 1-2 bud basal spur used to generate next-year's replacement. The vertical trunk is 80-100 cm high and the fruit-bearing cane is held up by a “supporting” wire. One or two pairs of wires are placed above the “supporting” wire at a distance of 30-40 cm from one another: collecting the canopy, they make it grow upwards. Sometimes the end of the post can be equipped with a wire whose purpose is to supply canes with an additional support (it is usually placed at a height of about 1,80 m). Shoot growth can be adjusted by means of trimming.


With the Guyot system, mechanical work can be performed with good results: topping, cane tying and harvesting are all jobs that can be carried out easily.



Excellent plantation denisty (3,500 - 5,500 plants per hectare)

Simplicity of structure

Excellent exposure of leaves

Good production quality

Good degree of mechanization

Particuarly suitable for use in vineyards with poor base productivity



Typology of training system layout:

Supporting wire placed at a height of 0,8 ÷ 1 m

Canopy holding wire positioned at a distance of 30÷ 35 cm from the supporting wire

Cane supporting wire placed on the top of the post and always 70 ÷ 85 cm from the supporting wire

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